Limo Rental Services

For highly-safe and luxurious means of transportation, limo rental services are the best option to go for when you need a smooth, effective, and stress-free ride. Flexible, comfortable, and feature-packed, limos are definitely the most professional services you can get for your upcoming special occasions, especially important celebrations, special nights, and meetings. The privacy partition option is a valuable element for important business meetings and transactions along the ride.
However, finding a good limo rental services is not an easy task. There are many limo companies to choose from, which make knowing you’re picking out the right one a little difficult to tell. Plus, depending on the event you need a limo for, you may mistakenly choose the wrong vehicle.

Here, we’ll include a list of luxurious vehicles you can go for depending on the type of event and people you will bring along with you to keep in mind for your next best limousine rental search:

Limo and Stretch Limo

A luxury car is considered a limousine while a stretch limo is longer in size. A standard limo can accommodate 6 up to 10 people, while a stretch limo up to 14. A stretch limo is a true classic reserved for special events. To not be ordinary is the purpose of its creation. Whereas, the luxury adds to the experience and positions them as powerful symbols of exclusivity and wealth.

Limo Rental Services

SUV’s and Vans

An SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle is otherwise known as a Suburban Utility Vehicle. Combines the towing capacity of a pickup truck, the comfortability of the passenger car, and the space of a minivan. It is a 4×4 vehicle with high ground clearance, a longer wheelbase, a box-like body, and a high seating position, which makes it perfect for off-roading. SUVs comfortably accommodate up to 6 passengers. Vans provide up to 14 passenger seats and are perfect when traveling with a smaller group of people. Both are packed with exciting features, stylish details, and spaciousness.

Motor Coaches and Party Bus

Party limo buses are the best choice when planning to celebrate with a group of friends and enjoy a night to the fullest. They offer a bus exterior combined with a limousine interior. Provides incredible features, panoramic windows to enjoy the view on long rides, as well as shades for privacy if required. They offer full bars, TVs, lounge seating, and a top-of-the-class audio system. There is enough space to even pull some dance moves if you feel in the mood. Party buses and motor coaches can comfortably accommodate 25 up to 55 passengers. Whereas charter buses don’t have the exclusivity of the seats, lights, and dance floor. Also, the exterior is not as luxurious.

Corporate Sedans

Sedans are normal passenger cars, mainly used for individual passenger transport over longer distances, with a separated trunk for luggage. However, corporate Sedans can comfortably accommodate 3 passengers for any type of distance drive.

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