Group chauffeur services

Being in charge of the transportation of a group of people is surely not an easy task. It does involve a lot of planning and thinking. Such as the kind of group transportation means that it would be ideal for your specific schedule, whether you really need group chauffeur services in Phoenix, AZ, what kind of group requires luxurious vehicles for transportation and so on.

We’ll start by listing below a few examples of the types of groups who benefit from using limo bus services and the help this type of service provides.

Wedding guests

When you need to transport your guests or maybe your whole wedding party between different venues. Then a limo bus or motor coach is just the right solution for you. By using these services, you will make sure that your guests are on time and will not risk getting lost on the way. It also makes sure that your guests get to go home very safely after the party wraps up. The best way for everyone to enjoy their alcoholic beverages and have a great time!

Corporate travel

Business or corporate related trips can really be more enjoyable through professional and sleek limo buses that offer efficient and timely services. In cases when impressing your clients is very important, you can rest assured that they are the right choice to do the part. Apart from being sleek and efficient, their top-notch entertainment and comfortability possibilities are endless: reclining seats, temperature control, TVs and the DVD players, Wi-Fi as well as individual power outlets among others.

Team sports

Group chauffeur services in Arizona provide great comfortability for games and tournaments that are organized in other cities. Their storage capabilities provide great space for sports equipment while their entertainment capacities offer a great way for the team to keep entertained at all times. Also, when there are teams coming to play at your stadiums, then you can provide proper hosting. During the entire season through luxurious group chauffeured services for the teams. 

Employee travel

It is a well-known fact that having to change trains or buses and engage in travel longer than 30 minutes to get to the workplace does have a negative effect on the employees by lowering the overall life satisfaction and rising the anxiety rates. Which automatically translates into lower performance at work. For this reason, many companies organize daily transport to pick up their employees at certain bus stops or train stations and bring them to work. This immediately contributes to improving employees’ general mental health as well as in attracting more talented workers to their companies.

Event transportation

Group transportation is also highly sought after during various musical festivals, marathons and similar massive gatherings, including political conventions. It is one of the easiest ways to move everyone around safely.

Field trip and school event

The perfect choice for guiding international groups of visitors through various journeys around the state. These types of buses surely provide a pleasant ride for everyone. You don’t have to worry about driving, vehicle troubles, or traffic and parking issues. You will have a luxurious vehicle as well as an experienced, professional chauffeur to take care of the technical side of the journey while you can focus on sharing interesting facts and having a great tour with the visitors.

Movie production transportation

We all know that working in a movie set involves a lot of moving between locations for the whole cast and crew. Usually, there are parking difficulties, that’s why leaving transportation to professionals is the best choice for satisfactory outcomes. They also come in very handy to transport the actors to their trailers, apart from filming locations. What’s more, the space available provides enough room for all the equipment necessary.


For universities that do not have their own bus services available. They can easily rely on a limo bus to have their students get to their classrooms and sports facilities on time. They are also perfect for attending parties and events organized for groups of students.

Group chauffeur services

Our services

Limo buses can accommodate comfortably 25-55 passengers for any distance trip. You can rely on our Group chauffeur services in Scottsdale, AZ to cover all your needs. From the hotel to the conference you may be attending, the restaurants, your specific meeting spot and all else in between throughout the entire Phoenix, AZ. You might need these services for times when you want to take your staff out at a local concert or a sporting event. Ideal also for conventions, seminars, fairs or other random group trips.


There could be many other reasons one would need group transportation services, but we tried to cover the main reasons for group travel, which doesn’t have to be strictly limited to the ones mentioned here. Sometimes you may just want more space!

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