Jewel in the Sand, Part II - Scottsdale Nightlife

The second in our miniseries of articles about Scottsdale, this time, dedicated to nightlife and the various shades of it.

Jewel in the Sand, Part II – Scottsdale Nightlife

For a community to be successful, a lot of things have to be factored in. Infrastructure, law and order, proper planning. However, there’s one ingredient quite often forgotten, without which the community turns into a dull suburbia. It’s the entertainment. We covered the art venues in the last article but what about nightlife? Places to socialize and have fun and to let your hair down. Have no fear, Scottsdale has plenty of that to go around. As was the case with the topic of the previous article, it doesn’t make sense to list all of the venues in the city and so we will list places that, in one way or another, break the mold.


Rusty Spur Saloon/Robert Dawson

Scottsdale, being settled by farmers, signifies the spirit of Old West (or, at least, a romanticized version of it) and men and women, living embodiment of Manifest Destiny, who settled these lands. And in terms of capturing the essence of that spirit, we think there’s nothing better than the Rusty Spur Saloon, situated in the Old Scottsdale at 7245 E Main St. Sixty years in continuous operation, this bar is among the oldest in the city, housed in the officially registered historical landmark, former Farmers’ Bank of Scottsdale. The menu in itself is nothing remarkable (but there’s nothing wrong with that!), being the usual mix of Tex-Mex cuisine and generalized Americana. However, coupled with the atmosphere of the building built in the distinct rugged style of the Frontier and the abundance of live country music makes for a memorable atmosphere, favoured by the locals and tourists alike.


Rockbar Inc./Phoenix New Times

If you’re more of a rock’n’roll soul then come no further than Rockbar Inc, a large bar/concert venue situated at 4245 N Craftsman Ct, only a few blocks away from our previous suggestion. A large brick building with huge neon sign will set a proper mood right from the start. While their offering, frankly, isn’t something special, the main strength of the bar lies with their never ending list of gigs and rock-themed events, be it Halloween, Christmas or Arbor Day. Visitors, along with the theme, note professionalism and friendliness of the staff.


The Rogue/Phoenix New Times

For the people who like to party there’s The Rogue. Situated in the New Papago Parkway district of Scottsdale at 423 N Scottsdale Rd, this bar exists solely for the reason to satisfy your desire to dance. Local and national DJs often visit the club therefore the entertainment is constantly fresh and interesting, while food on the offer is the greasiest  you can find of all the venues in the city. It will make you full in no time and you will have no other choice but to dance your night away just to get rid of the calories!


The Mint/Desert Living Today

For an experience a bit more sophisticated you can turn your attention to The Mint. Situated in the Entertainment District at 7373 E Camelback Rd, by day it is an upscale restaurant but by night it turns into a vault of pure class. Our choice of words was no accident, this particular venue is special in regard that it is situated in what was a vault for an actual bank.


The Phoenician/Ron Niebrugge for

Want to spare no expense? Visit J&G Steakhouse, an upscale and classy experience, located within The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician, itself an AAA Five Diamond resort, situated at 6000 E Camelback Rd. Owned by a prominent French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, it offers a sophisticated interior and wonderful view of the Echo Canyon, along with high cuisine and excellent wine selection, to suit all tastes.

This is by no means a comprehensive list but only a slight compilation of places that we consider worthy of a visit right from the start. Scottsdale never sleeps, so use this article as a beginners guide and then embark on the journey to sooth your soul and your body and find your own favourite nightlife spot among the staggering variety that the city has to offer. We will leave the links to official website of the respective venues for you to explore.